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Discovery Automotive aka Area-51 is well known internationally for our extreme attention to detail and OEM-like integration as used during our processes of making your dream become a reality. The art of integration rather than simply adding components while maintaining the OEM-like look and functionality is something that few facilities have mastered. Whether you are considering unique personal components or sheer visceral power, Shadowman and the Discovery Automotive Team can make your dreams come true.


These projects are presented to the general public as marque projects and represent some of the dreams that may be realized.

.44 Mag Featured .44 Mag - Ford GT
We should begin by sharing that this gal was named by her owner; we were told that the name refers to how tall she is however once we opened her clamshell and saw her heart we suspect that her name has more to do with how she becomes "ballistic" when her hammer is tossed to the floor. Then add to this after a few conversations with her owner and the fact that she has seen the northern states measured mile for speed on more than one occasion the association to being akin to a very powerful bullet seems very fitting to us.
Ford GT
Black Eye Featured Black Eye
The extreme transformation from 540 to Supercharged E39 M5 Build
Blackbird Featured Blackbird - Ford GT
This gal was brought to us to have numerous personal touch items integrated with likely the most significant one being the up-swept door system. The gal's owner has been sitting patiently at bay for nearly a year awaiting this to happen as numerous twist and turn were presented to us as we migrated towards this point. Well his gal has finally landed at Area 51 and the project is soon to commence. In addition to the up-swept door system she will be receiving some cool electronic tweaks as well as Kip's stunning carbon fiber/leather center console cubby, Michael aka FreeFlyer's awesome 30 PSI boost gauge that once in place appears and operates as if OEM, and Shadowman's subwoofer relocation system.
Ford GT
Blue Thunder Featured Blue Thunder - Ford GT
"Blue Thunder" or at least this is who she will be when she leaves our facility because this rather unique Genaddi Design Group roadster conversion known as the GTX-1 came to us for a voice change.
Ford GT
D/A Ford GT Featured D/A Ford GT - Ford GT
The GT still has not been driven however several small tweaks are underway in preparation of the time she finally sees the road. A portion of the gal's nose is soon to have custom clear bra installed by the team "Premiere Automotive Aesthetics Group", Ford Racing's transaxle cooler is to be installed, Ford Racing's short shifter will be installed, and the OEM muffler will be replaced with AccuFab's rear exhaust section.
Ford GT
El Diablo Featured El Diablo
The following is a compilation of Abdulla's "EXTREME" El Diablo project.
Grey Black Featured Grey Black - Porsche GT3 RS
This gal referred to as "Grey Black" because of the name of the paint that Porsche applied to this, a GT3 RS that comes to us by way of Germany to be made ready to be exercised on both the street and on the track however before subjecting her to that which others may throw her away; this an act that we suspect comes as the result of her prowess nature as associated with her raw visceral performance and extreme agile handling we are going to methodically apply clear plastic sheeting on all of her high risk panels.
Inferno Featured Inferno
This Roso Leto gal came to us "RAGING"--hence the name "Inferno"--ready to be set loose aka be exercised. To date she has seen more than her fair share of sales floor display time as such now the mere act of bringing her to life has her barking and gasping for air as she goes through the process of clearing her throat with her ultimately settling into the wonderful staccato aka music of her 12 cylinders being heard as the 12 pistons are tossed around within her heart in such a way that it leaves no doubt that she is ready to have her legs stretched however before this will happen we need to methodically wrap all of her at risk painted areas so that during the process no damage is caused from debris along the way. Not only is she very low with a nose that will become akin to a small wing at speed but she also has orifices aka air inlet ducts at all corners that are large enough for a small person to crawl through as such we need to make certain that during the act of drawing copious amounts of air through them that the inevitable debris does not damage the surfaces.
Intense Featured Intense
Now this gal has been waiting patiently for the last several months until finally her time to visit with us arrived. There is no doubt that this gal caught her owner's eye as she is truly stunning and a mechanical marvel however she needs to be heard as well as seen which is why she was scheduled into our facility.
Out of the Pit Featured Out of the Pit
This gal was found in a pit appropriately in the Southwest and when we made mention of her we were asked to quickly capture her before another could and to bring her into our facility to be massaged a bit; all of this prior to her new owner meeting her for the first time.
Dodge Viper
Permanent Waves Featured Permanent Waves - Ford GT
This gal came to us after over a year of methodical planning by her owner. At the onset he was encouraged to envision believing that everything is possible and even more so that even though one's path may appear to be the same as another's it is the subtle often not noticed differences that insure that each path traveled remains unique. In time this personal project was defined; not that we knew what was to be completed at this time but rather what will be completed in time hence phases were defined. Even today the considerations within the phases are subject to change in fact some have changed and yet the phases have created a road map of sorts and a place to reflect upon.
Ford GT
Pit Stop Featured Pit Stop - Ford GT
Now there are many great things that we are known for however having a pit crew ready when a gal rolls in hot wanting to be quickly massaged, serviced, and then set free to be exercise again is not one of them as we are very methodical both in our approach and the processes as associated with any project "however" in the case of this gal as the direct result of careful planning over the past couple months a "Pit Stop" is presently underway hence this projects description.
Ford GT
Road Kill Featured Road Kill
This gal comes to us after nearly a year of being displayed initially at SEMA in Las Vegas followed by numerous other specialty car venues across the country so folks could feast their eyes upon her however do not let the fact that she has been displayed dispel the fact that she has been exercised during every available moment collecting one "Road Kill" after another.
Sick Z8 Featured Sick Z8 - BMW Z8
"SICK Z8" what a name for a gal that stopped by for a basic service and thorough inspection. In this case her name is what most folks refer to her as when they first hear and then ultimately see her and not a statement of the condition that she arrived in as she arrived looking the 9s and sounding simply wicked. Her owner shares that upon arriving at a typical automotive gather through the crowd as if an echo is rolling through the comment shared by many is "that is one SICK Z8".
Stealth Mode Featured Stealth Mode
Another AREA 51 Supercharged BMW M5 soon to be prowling around a neighborhood near you.

Over the past couple years the owner of this gal has completed numerous personal upgrades such as a custom D/A CF hood, wheels and tires, performance seat belts, and performance modifications such as SS headers, short shifter, CAI, UUC light weight flywheel/ clutch, front BBK, and differential from afar it was finally decided to ship her across the country to have a few more personal touches and performance modifications completed within Area 51.
SV Featured SV - Lamborgini Murciélago LP670-4 SV (SuperVeloce)
Under the proverbial radar akin to the cloak of darkness this gal a Murcielago LP670-4 SV (SuperVeloce) comes to us as notably and recognized internationally as the "baddest" and maybe even the "maddest" Bull of all times. She is more powerful, lighter, and she is also the fastest Bull to ever be unleashed by Lamborghini. From the moment that she rolled into our facility it was obvious to all that she was purpose built and means business.
Testarossa Featured Testarossa - Ford GT
This gal aka "Testarossa" is as her name implies a redhead. Initially this gal, a boyhood dream was born out of good old fashioned American sweat equity aka hard work; in this case the years of hard work created the basis for this dream to be realized however even though she is a dream realized it was not long before his dream needed more detail added. This in much the same way that a fiction writer creates a story over time her owner constantly further defined his dream however making sure never to lose sight of her roots; he wants to personalize rather than change her. There have been a laundry list of typical items integrated thus far such a "huge" polished Whipple supercharger drawing her air through an AccuFab throttle body and speaking through the custom D/A and Fischer Motorsport exhaust system giving her both the heart and voice of a lion, a Ford Racing short shifter allowing her to sprint even quicker with an engraved ivory shifter ball on top reminiscent of days gone past, Kip's cool carbon fiber/leather center console cubby and stunning carbon fiber instrument surround and from this his dream and her place in his life continued to evolve.
Ford GT
The Other Woman Featured The Other Woman - Ford GT
The following has been heard by folks throughout the lands; oh great "now I have the other women to contend with too" hence the reference to this gal as "The Other Women".
Ford GT
White Lightning Featured White Lightning - Ford GT
This gal was brought to us after many miles of smiles with her owner at the wheel during which she has remained a thoroughbred each step of the way; this remained the case whether they were simply traversing through town or when she was being exercised under the most extreme of situations on a track.
Ford GT
Yellow Fever Featured Yellow Fever
This gal came to us to only a few days after her new owner took delivery of her to be thoroughly inspected as a component of him getting to know her. It was also decided that the clear bra on her should be removed and replaced with a fresh custom installation. The clear that was on her was typical cut panels with all edges exposed and seams all over the place which naturally collect dirt and over time becomes disheveled looking. The process that we use is wrap the gals during which we carefully wrap the exposed edges so that once completed most would not recognize that she has clear bra on her.
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