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Now this gal has been waiting patiently for the last several months until finally her time to visit with us arrived. There is no doubt that this gal caught her owner's eye as she is truly stunning and a mechanical marvel however she needs to be heard as well as seen which is why she was scheduled into our facility.

After many consideration the decision was made to have one of Kresig-sieg's truly cool hand built polished stainless steel F1-Valvetronic's systems installed.

At the flip of the switch this system will allow her voice to be significantly toned down however when the switch is flipped again she will have a voice that will make grown men cry. She will sound as if she is right off one of the tracks in Europe.



Phase One



In the short video that we are about to share the system is being manually operated and only at an idle because the gal remains on fixtures at this time.

You will hear the exhaust tone change and also see a bit of the system. The finish panel aka polished stainless steel muffler heat shield still needs to be installed once the remaining integration has been completed. You will also see that because we are simply confirming the exhaust systems operation we will not allow her to warm up as such within a short period of time water vapor will begin to accumulate and pour out the exhaust nevertheless the system is live and she sounds sweet even though the audio as collected on our small camera does not do it justice.

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