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Discovery Automotive's featured articles gives you a taste of some of our creations as they are being built. We hope you enjoy reading about these masterworks as much as we enjoyed creating them.

A Master's Touch A Master's Touch
BMW Car January 2006
By Eric Eikenberry

Despite the standard US-spec E36 M3 having less grunt than the European version, there's plenty of room for a bit of fettling to bring up to scratch.
Absolute Power Absolute Power
Bimmer October 2005
By Eric Eikenberry

With over 600 hoursepower at the rear wheels, this no-compromise M5 built by Discovery Automotive is one of the most powerful ever created.
El Diablo El Diablo
BMW Car May 2005
By Eric Eikenberry

Our intrepid reporter from across the pond attempts to go eight seconds in the ring with the M5 king.
Fashionable Weapons Fashionable Weapons
Bimmer June 2006
By Eric Eikenberry

These three M3s are more than just cool-looking cars. They're potent weapons that enable their drivers to smite opponents at will.
Performance BMW Performance BMW
Performance BMW July 2005
By Unknown

Rise of the Silver Sleeper Rise of the Silver Sleeper
BMW Car Magazine April 2008
By Eric Eikenberry

This E46 M3 might look deceptively standard but under its sleek skin it packs a serious 450bhp supercharged punch.
Space Invaders Space Invaders
BMW Car Magazine October 2004
By Eric Eikenberry

Z8 or M5 not fast enough? Want to reach warp factor eight? Then you'll be needing a supercharger system from Discovery Automotive. Words and photography by Eric Eikenberry
Turbo Plus Turbo Plus
Excellence August 2006
By Eric Eikenberry

Adding serious firepower to Porche's final air-cooled 911 turbo.
White Knight White Knight
Modified Luxury & Exotics August 2007
By Unknown

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