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This gal was brought to us to have numerous personal touch items integrated with likely the most significant one being the up-swept door system. The gal's owner has been sitting patiently at bay for nearly a year awaiting this to happen as numerous twist and turn were presented to us as we migrated towards this point. Well his gal has finally landed at Area 51 and the project is soon to commence. In addition to the up-swept door system she will be receiving some cool electronic tweaks as well as Kip's stunning carbon fiber/leather center console cubby, Michael aka FreeFlyer's awesome 30 PSI boost gauge that once in place appears and operates as if OEM, and Shadowman's subwoofer relocation system.

When the gal arrived she was filthy, as if having arrived from an International flight as such we needed to tend to her before bringing her into the facility. We wanted her to look stunning and then add to this by having the gal clean we can significantly reduce the risk of damage to her surfaces while she is within Area 51.



Phase One



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