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Grey Black

This gal referred to as "Grey Black" because of the name of the paint that Porsche applied to this, a GT3 RS that comes to us by way of Germany to be made ready to be exercised on both the street and on the track however before subjecting her to that which others may throw her away; this an act that we suspect comes as the result of her prowess nature as associated with her raw visceral performance and extreme agile handling we are going to methodically apply clear plastic sheeting on all of her high risk panels.

This gal belongs to a small a family of gals that are referred to as a GT3 RS. These gals were created within the confines of Porsche's specialty facility located in Germany out of which come only the "best of the best" race bred gals. Howeverin order for these gals to compete within the International circuit for which they are bred it is required that a few of them be let loose on the streets which results in them serving a dual purpose and yet let there be no doubt that even with their albeit softer interior that they are ever ready and up to any challenger.



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