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El Diablo

This project began life in a facility in SoCal as a 10-12 week project however after 14 weeks and numerous less then truthful statements from the facility in Socal and no forward progress we were contacted and we were requested to pick it up and complete the project. The motor was picked up in many boxes with numerous pieces missing. Most of these have still never been recovered hence had to be replaced. The original project resulted because the engine appears to have been over-rev'd and bent a few valves.

The customer decided to upgrade the motor as a low compression motor with Carrillo rods, specially engineered Arias pistons, custom spec'd rings, and a race prepped block. The block was inspected and found to be damaged, a crack in one of the cylinder bores so a NEW block was purchased from BMW and then the process began. The block was fully blue printed and the OEM Alusil coating was cut out of the bores. Then finish machining was completed for the insertion of Darten flanged steel sleeves. This was done to eliminate the concerns with the OEM aluminum cylinder bores.

At the same time we are installing a new completely redesigned Supercharger system. The original system was a proto-type at best lacking in many refinements required for high horsepower and durability. At the present time all of the key pieces such as the rods, the pistons, cams, etc. are in the shop awaiting the completion once the block returns from the machine shop.



A compilation of the El Diablo Project



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