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Pit Stop

Pit Stop

Now there are many great things that we are known for however having a pit crew ready when a gal rolls in hot wanting to be quickly massaged, serviced, and then set free to be exercise again is not one of them as we are very methodical both in our approach and the processes as associated with any project "however" in the case of this gal as the direct result of careful planning over the past couple months a "Pit Stop" is presently underway hence this projects description.

The folks that own this gal drove her a significant distance to our facility and then promptly went off to relax and visit friends as their gal is under the proverbial knife. For us the clock is ticking as they are looking to be back on the road in a short period of time during which they will exercise and enjoy her during their travels back home. Now there is no doubt that she arrived very spirited and yet when she leaves she will be "much" frisker and then add to this she will have been serviced and inspected from stem to stern and also had all of her high risk painted surfaces very carefully wrapped in plastic; she will have become yet another dream realized and also another gal made ready for another season of special moments in time.



Phase One
Even before she was able to cool down we were already well into the process of making this "Pit Stop" another success.

Phase Two
As we continue the process of massaging this gal under "Pit Stop" timelines we had what we initially considered a minor and yet significant setback; when her OEM supercharger was removed we noticed that one of the two hollow dowels used to properly index the supercharger to the intake manifold was missing. We promptly ordered one on a car down order through Ford only to be informed that the only way that this part is available is if a new very expensive intake manifold was purchased. We then proceeded to look through our parts bins and reach out to others hoping to find a match however in the end we had to have the machine shop create them for us. This particular problem came as the direct result when another person/facility removed the OEM supercharger and replaced it under warranty.

Phase Three
Today we are going to complete the very methodical process of wrapping this gal's high rick areas with plastic aka clear bra. It will be during this time that we will also be installing the late style clamshell bump stops/springs as we continue to make every effort to bring this "Pit Stop" to a timely conclusion and get this gal and her owners back on the tarmac.

Phase Four
We have not only completed this gal's "Pit Stop" but have also already heard back from her owner; "she has never run so great; thank you".

Phase Five
This gal comes to after being exercised for the last year so that we could do a little tuning tweak. When she visited the last time one of the phases of the project the integrating of a smaller supercharger pulley, as process that requires tuning modifications and even though she ran akin to a bull in a china shop occasionally her owner would hear a little "pinging" so we invited her back so we could make a few timing and fuel tweaks.



Systems Check
Here she is with all systems operating as designed as we now complete a operational system's check.


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