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BackPit Stop: Phase Two

Phase Two

As we continue the process of massaging this gal under "Pit Stop" timelines we had what we initially considered a minor and yet significant setback; when her OEM supercharger was removed we noticed that one of the two hollow dowels used to properly index the supercharger to the intake manifold was missing. We promptly ordered one on a car down order through Ford only to be informed that the only way that this part is available is if a new very expensive intake manifold was purchased. We then proceeded to look through our parts bins and reach out to others hoping to find a match however in the end we had to have the machine shop create them for us. This particular problem came as the direct result when another person/facility removed the OEM supercharger and replaced it under warranty.

Now with the needed hardware to properly install the supercharger the processes continue.
Here is the hollow indexing dowel that we had to have machine out of a piece of stainless steel.

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Here we are carefully sealing and assembling the OEM supercharger and then added the needed OEM supercharger oil.

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Here is the Ying and Yang of the pulleys; meaning the larger OEM versus the new smaller Whipple supercharger pulley as installed.

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Here the OEM supercharger complete with the new smaller Whipple supercharger pulley and the polished billet aluminum AccuFab throttle body are being installed.

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Here we are loading the custom tune so that she will be both happy and able to take advantage of the new smaller Whipple supercharger pulley; as the result of this performance enhancement rear tires will likely be the next item on the "to-do" list.

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Here she is being carefully inspected prior to being brought back to life.

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Here she is with all systems operating as designed as we now complete a operational system's check.
Now that she has been reassembled and all systems operate as designed it is time to move her to the clean room portion of the facility so that her high risk painted surfaces can be made ready to be methodically wrapped in protective film aka clear bra.
Here she is in the clean room portion of the facility waiting the next phase of this project.

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Here the very methodical process of wrapping her high risk painted surfaces is underway; this phase of the project will span the course of a couple days as great care and attention to detail is given throughout so that she is both protected and looks stunning.

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