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BackPit Stop: Phase Three

Phase Three

Today we are going to complete the very methodical process of wrapping this gal's high rick areas with plastic aka clear bra. It will be during this time that we will also be installing the late style clamshell bump stops/springs as we continue to make every effort to bring this "Pit Stop" to a timely conclusion and get this gal and her owners back on the tarmac.

Here we are installing the late style OEM clamshell bump stops/springs.

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Here the final phase of wrapping aka clear bra is being completed on this gal's high risk painter surfaces is being completed.

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Here she is in all her glory as a successful "Pit Stop" has been completed. At this point all that remains is a final thorough inspection, a bit of a detailing, and then she will be reunited with her owners as they are anxious to exercise her again.

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