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Sick Z8

"SICK Z8" what a name for a gal that stopped by for a basic service and thorough inspection. In this case her name is what most folks refer to her as when they first hear and then ultimately see her and not a statement of the condition that she arrived in as she arrived looking the 9s and sounding simply wicked. Her owner shares that upon arriving at a typical automotive gather through the crowd as if an echo is rolling through the comment shared by many is "that is one SICK Z8".

This particular gal was created by Shadowman and then was placed with a fellow that had an extensive collection of very cool and extreme gals and then for reasons unknown to us a few years ago he liquidated a great portion of his collection. This is when all of the stars aligned bringing timing, opportunity, and a bit of luck all together for a brief moment in time and she found not only a new home but a home that cherishes and exercises her as she was created to do. To date she has plus 25K miles on her since Shadowman created her and with the exception of typical services and a few sets of tires she appears, sounds, and is exercised as if the very day she was created.

SICK Z8 came to us the last time 2 years ago for a minor service and then as quick as she arrived she was off again and now she returns for the same. This time she was exercised many miles from Canada during which we have been told of several more road kills that she collected along the way; akin to an old dogfighter. If she is taunted the unsuspecting get at best some eye and ear candy and then they experience; or better out witness an exercise routine that leaves them less willing to taunt her a second time. At nearly 725 RWHP she is ever ready to play and when allowed to she plays to win.

One magazine wrote the following after spending time with this gal "these engines are so powerful that not only will you 'See Jesus' but you will be able to make a proper introduction if you're are not careful with the throttle".



Phase One



O2 Sensor Test
Here is just one of the real time test being carried out; in this case we are watching the operation of her O2 sensors and comparing the data to that which is considered normal. In this case the O2 sensors are all within OEM specification and yet because of her miles and the manner in which she is exercised we are going to install a fresh set of them.

Warm Up
Here is a short video of her being warmed up before the real testing can commence; the GT1 will not allow real time testing until she is up to normal operating temperature.

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