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Road Kill

Road Kill

This gal comes to us after nearly a year of being displayed initially at SEMA in Las Vegas followed by numerous other specialty car venues across the country so folks could feast their eyes upon her however do not let the fact that she has been displayed dispel the fact that she has been exercised during every available moment collecting one "Road Kill" after another.

To look at her leads one to believe that she at least on paper was purpose built but then we have all seen fast looking gals however once she is brought to life if there was any question as to her purpose in life this is quickly dispelled as she sounds like she is devouring everything within site before she begins to move and then "oh my gosh" once she rolls out under her own power and the go pedal is mashed one hears a noise reminiscent of thunder along with the screaming of the twin turbos and then just maybe if you are lucky there is time for one final glimpse of her arse as she quickly fades to black leaving all to question whether she was really there or rather one's desire that she was.

"Road Kill" is as her name infers is ever looking for her next prey as is the case with beasts of this caliber; her appetite in insatiable. She comes to us to have some personal touch items tended to after which we will let her lose to graze the highways looking for...maybe "you" aka her next "Road Kill".



Phase One

Phase Two
Initially we tried to massage the existing wiring however because it was run throughout in a most interesting manner it was near impossible so finally the decision was made to simply remove everything and begin fresh

Phase Three
After careful consideration and largely based on all of the wiring issues that that we have encountered so far we decided to access the remaining wiring harnesses located throughout her cabin and then remove and or repair it as deemed necessary so as to insure that there are no lingering issues from days goes past. As it turned out it was a good call as we did find it necessary to remove all of the existing wiring.

Phase Four
Now we will be integrating the custom central processing platform. Because the gal was not originally designed for this feature we had to drill two small holes in the firewall for the primary upper mounting points; on future projects mounting provisions could easily be integrated within the dash area thus eliminating the need for these holes. We took great care to make the holes symmetrical in placement and then used floating washer Torxs that blend nicely within the existing hardware layout throughout her engine bay so as not to create a bulls-eye.

Phase Five
Now we will be completing the final phase of the new wiring during which we will be reassembling her interior. During this phase the gal's owner will be with us as he is going to disassemble her nose so that her harmonic balancer can be pinned because as a press fit assembly it has been prone to coming loose when she is being exercised at an extreme level.

Phase Six
The day has arrived for this gal to travel home so that she can be enjoyed and exercised as designed however before letting her leave we will give her one last stem to stern inspection.

Phase Seven
"Road Kill" returns to us for some massaging before she is exercised at an extreme manner throughout the summer. During her stay with us we had TonY G fly in from Florida to work with her tune as he is renowned for his ability to manipulate the "FAST" computers that were integrated into her to make her heart happy and strong.



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