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BackRoad Kill: Phase Seven

Phase Seven

"Road Kill" returns to us for some massaging before she is exercised at an extreme manner throughout the summer. During her stay with us we had TonY G fly in from Florida to work with her tune as he is renowned for his ability to manipulate the "FAST" computers that were integrated into her to make her heart happy and strong.

When she arrived she had a 1bar map sensor and was putting down approximately 750 RWHP; this was the max she could create without changing the map sensor to a 2bar. Once the map sensor was swapped the methodical process of tuning her commenced and the results were nothing shy of "phenomenal".

The tuning and hardware manipulation was all completed at AED; a first class facility location in Northern California owned and operated by Shaun and Drew. Now we have to say that even though this was not their project but rather we were allowed to use their dyno they both jumped in with both feet and worked relentlessly to make certain that in the end this gal aka "Road Kill" was perfect.

"Thank You" AED known by many as Advance Engine Development aka Shaun and Drew as well as TonY G for the many hours spread out over the course of the several days that it required to complete the many tasks as associated with this process.

"Road Kill" arrived to us as a monster and leaves as a fricken "BEAST".

Here TonY G is beginning the processes associated with making her "very" happy.

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This is the dyno graph with her on the spring; 8 PSI.

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This is the dyno graph with her at 11 PSI.

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To a person that has seen, heard, and the fortunate few that have driven/ridden in her the consensus is always the same; she is without question; "BAD to D/A Bone".

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