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BackRoad Kill: Phase Four

Phase Four

Now we will be integrating the custom central processing platform. Because the gal was not originally designed for this feature we had to drill two small holes in the firewall for the primary upper mounting points; on future projects mounting provisions could easily be integrated within the dash area thus eliminating the need for these holes. We took great care to make the holes symmetrical in placement and then used floating washer Torxs that blend nicely within the existing hardware layout throughout her engine bay so as not to create a bulls-eye.

Here are the two Torxs that secure the upper portion of the central processing platform.

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Here we have fully integrated the central processing platform and also dry fit the FAST computers. With this having been completed we will now be removing only the central processing platform leaving the mounting structure in place as we complete the final phase of the wiring after which the central processing platform which by design is easy to set back into position and then the FAST computers will be plugged in and mounted for the last time.

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