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BackRoad Kill: Phase Three

Phase Three

After careful consideration and largely based on all of the wiring issues that that we have encountered so far we decided to access the remaining wiring harnesses located throughout her cabin and then remove and or repair it as deemed necessary so as to insure that there are no lingering issues from days goes past. As it turned out it was a good call as we did find it necessary to remove all of the existing wiring.

We found more of the same; interesting tie-ins, a gross number of crimp style butt and spade connectors many of which were lose and in fact some simply came apart during the inspection and then random wire color changes throughout.

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Here is the small box of wiring, connectors, etc that we have removed thus far and will not be reused as most of it was simply extra wiring throughout.

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Here we have removed the remaining wiring and have methodically integrated new wiring harnesses throughout. We located the MAP sensor for the vacuum/boost gauge and the battery of primary relays in such a way that they are concealed and yet easy to access for future servicing. Rather than random connections throughout we have centralized all of the wiring and are using dedicated ground and power blocks so as to insure a long and trouble free service life and by doing this it also makes future service and system integrations much easier. Lastly we have dry fit the central processing platform which was incorporated into this project.

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Here all of the primary wiring has been integrated; we need to install the central processing platform and then tie-in the secondary relays. Once we have completed this and brought the systems on line we will then sheath, label, and secure the numerous wiring harnesses as required.

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Here we have completed the custom central processing platform and are completing the hardware integration; the FAST computers, the Aeromotive fuel pump driver module, the secondary relays and the circuit breakers will all be located here. We decided to rubber mount the FAST computers so as to insure that no transient damage is caused as the result of vibrations and then to make the integration and future serving easier we have incorporated Nutserts and used flange washers and flanged Torx bolts throughout.

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