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BackRoad Kill: Phase Five

Phase Five

Now we will be completing the final phase of the new wiring during which we will be reassembling her interior. During this phase the gal's owner will be with us as he is going to disassemble her nose so that her harmonic balancer can be pinned because as a press fit assembly it has been prone to coming loose when she is being exercised at an extreme level.

Here the crank is being pinned during which a little time was taken to assemble and enjoy a new skateboard.

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Here the methodical and at times tedious processes as associated with the this project are being completed. At this time we have confirmed that all systems are on line, operate as designed, and she has been brought back to life leaving little doubt that she will be exercised very soon.

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Here the final phase of this project is being tended to as Ash assembles her redesigned and rewired trunk for the last time.

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Now Master Craftsman "Ash" has connected the dual battery system and then assembled her trunk for the final time as she is now ready to travel home so she can be exercised and enjoyed.
Here is her redesigned trunk completely reassembled. We integrated primary 12 volt battery port and ground port using large gauge cables so that in an emergency she could be jump started however under normal circumstances these ports can will be used to connect a battery tender to so as to maintain fully charged batteries when she is not being exercised; this is a practice we recommend to everyone.

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Her she is happy with all systems on line and ready for the next phase of this project; her trip back home.

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