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BackRoad Kill: Phase One

Phase One

Here she has been placed on one of the lifts as the project is soon to commence.

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One of the items to be tended to while she is here is the under the dash wiring; the goal is to have it looking crisp and in creating such eliminating as much of the extra aka unused wiring as possible. Because of the limited access to this area we opted to remove the dash pad so that we would have complete and even easier access however even though we were apprised of the fact that the existing wiring was completed both last minute and with very little time before her showing at SEMA we did not expect that which we found and once it was removed it became obvious that the project could not have been completed otherwise.
This is what we found when we removed her dash pad; gross wires that go nowhere, relays with the wires simply taped in place, relays that one could not access without removing the dash, wires routed over moving parts, a large number of the same color wire being used for everything; power, ground, and signal with what appeared to be no method to the madness except to bring one system at a time on line with no concern for future serviceability.

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Here is the instrument cluster with plastic plugs being used where able rather than spade connectors throughout and the proper gauge wire and assorted colors assigned so that it looks crisp and will remain easy to service over time. This particular cluster will have Deutsch connectors attached to the harness making the installation as if OEM.

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In addition to our tending to the wiring we were asked to have Ash tend to the stereo and in doing so her trunk. When she arrived she had a typical car show trunk with multiple stereo amplifies and a mass of wires hidden from sight resulting in a trunk that could be used for little more than carrying CDs. The decision was made to remove all of the stereo amplifiers and the surface mounted speakers from the package tray and create a quality no frills system using flush wonderful mounted 6x9 speakers in the package tray to compliment those in her doors driven by single 4 channel amplifier and while doing so redesign the trunk so it can be used to carry items and have a contemporary look.
Here is where the process began; everything was removed including the huge subwoofer enclosure never to be used again. When we are completed we suspect that her arse will 75 plus pounds lighter.

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Here are some of the steps as associated with the process of tending to the stereo and her trunk. All of the vinyl/leatherette materials were all removed (except for the package tray) and Alcantara is being used throughout including on the under the deck lid trim panel. It is during the process that the ease of integrating the trunk's interior pieces remains key and we are also going to create the means to have a trickle charger and or the ability to use jumper cables if needed as the 2 batteries are neatly secured behind trim panels thus not easy to access in pinch. During the final integration of the trunk system great care is being taken to neatly route and sheath as needed all of the wiring within this area including all of the tail light sockets which were tied in using crimp style butt connectors when she arrived; we will not used as previously the interior trim as the means to hide a wiring nightmare. To some degree this process was made easier by opting to use a single 4 channel amp which is now mounted to the custom panel behind the rear seat because this placement alone eliminated many of the wires formerly run throughout her trunk.

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