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BackPermanent Waves: Phase Five

Phase Five

Now even though we are not ready for the rear bumper delete screen to remain in place we still dry fit it so as to insure that there are no issues/surprises later and it is during this process that we also massage the shape of it because during the welding process it does become distorted. The pieces of aluminum tube protruding through the screen are there solely for the purpose of alignment of the exhaust and the screen and is not part of the exhaust system.

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When the exhaust in place we were able to apply the proper torque to the half shaft bolts; the hardware used is the AccuFab/ARP hardware.

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Here we are integrating the very nice Ford Racing transaxle cooler. There are other transaxle cooler options available however this is the only system that was designed by Ford for these gals and once in place appears as if part of her original design.

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Here we have carefully removed the OEM magnesium center console so we can install the Ford Racing short shifter as well as complete the stereo modifications as associated with this project.

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Here thanks in part to FedEx we are placing cardboard boxes in positions that represent the space requirements for the hardware soon to be integrated.

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