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BackPermanent Waves: Phase Six

Phase Six

Here we are completing the integration of the custom stereo dual OEM amp setup along with one of the two OEM subwoofers that will reside within a pair of custom subwoofer enclosures.

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Here we are installing the new Ford Racing short shifter liberally greasing the assembly prior to it being installed.

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Here we are installing the polished AccuFab throttle body. During this process we use a new OEM sealing o-ring and a new OEM throttle position switch along with a set of polish stainless steel bolts that match those as used to secure the new Whipple supercharger.

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Here we are preparing the Mafia; a signal calibrator for installation. When received it comes with a hard shinny black wire casing as such we disassemble it and then install an OEM mesh sheathing so that once in place it appears as if OEM and then we secure it to Shadowman's custom Mafia bracket that tucks it neatly and discretely under the throttle body.

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Here we have installed the custom AccuFab inlet support sleeve that will insure that when she is being exercised at an extreme level that the OEM inlet tube does not collapse causing operational issues.

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