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BackPermanent Waves: Phase Four

Phase Four

Now we are introducing the new Whipple supercharge to this gal. We filled the gear case with the recommended oil and then using a new OEM base gasket to insure the proper sealing we set the Whipple into position. Once we have completed this process we methodically apply the proper torque checking this several times.

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Here we are installing a new OEM oil pressure sending unit as the one removed was creating an erratic signal to for gauge.

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Here we are installing a fresh set of NGK TR7-IX spark plugs. These spark plugs are slightly cooler than the removed OEM spark plugs and were gapped much tighter so as to insure that she remains happy and operates at her peak with the new Whipple supercharger and the associated increased boost.

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Here we are tending to several of her basic service items during which we installed a set of Jay's aka The GT Saver's magnetic drain plugs and a fresh set of OEM belts as well as the new Whipple supercharger belt.

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Here we are integrating the new thermal coated Ford Racing exhaust system; great care is taken throughout this process with us initially running a thread chaser through every exhaust hole so as to insure that the new hardware is able to be installed and the proper torque applied. Then using new OEM gaskets we methodically install the carefully wrapped pieces insuring that no secondary cosmetic damage is caused during the process. In the case of this system we also cut off the Borla tips as we will be modifying the tip section because of her soon to be integrated bumper delete system.

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