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BackPermanent Waves: Phase Three

Phase Three

We have the valve covers back from being powder coated as such we will begin the methodical process of sealing her heart. We also have received numerous other OEM pieces so we are able to proceed with the integration of the Penske suspension system and also install the stunning Whipple supercharger.

Here we are installing the freshly powder coated valve covers thus making her formerly a "Red Head". The processes as associated with the powder coating of valve covers is tedious and requires great care because to complete the process we needed to remove the OEM signature build badge that will be installed later, all of the inner baffles had to be removed and then once the powder coating was completed each of the 25 plus holes were carefully and thoroughly cleaned prior to our reinstalling the internal baffles. Once the powder coated valve covers were fully assembled using only OEM surface preparation material, OEM sealant, and new OEM valve cover gaskets and seals to insure a proper and leak free completion to this phase of this project we completed this phase.

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Here we are converting the OEM one piece front inner fenders liners to a two piece system as created by Shadowman. It remains our opinion that "all" of the gals should have this modification completed the very first time that the OEM one piece inner liners are removed. The two piece system makes the process to remove and install easy and "substantially" reduces the risk of secondary damage to the very expensive aluminum front fenders.

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Here we are integrating the wonderful Penske single adjustable suspension system however as evidence before we could do so we had to prepare and paint the rear upper shock mounting points. The reason for this is because the OEM shock mounting ears are larger as such if we integrated the Penske shocks without first painting this area there would be a black bulls-eyes visible; this is just one of the many detail items that we incorporate into the integration process.

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Here we are reassembling the calipers with the wonderful Titanium heat sinks that will insure that the brakes are able to operate under some of the most adverse conditions.

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