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BackShadowman's Custom D/A Chevy Truck

Shadowman's Custom D/A Chevy Truck

Shadowman's Custom D/A Chevy Truck

Just like "Old Yeller" this gal has been with us for far too many years to remember and has been faithful as the day is long. During her many years in the family she has been twisted and tweaked over and over and yet she has always been one of our gals that we simply never grow tired of.

She is presently outfitted with large front sway bar, custom lowering spindles ; these were installed so that we could maintain full suspension travel, late model power steering, Vintage heating and A/C, power disk brakes at all four corners, a one piece driveshaft that replaced the OEM two piece assembly thus eliminating the weak center support bearing that is sp un by a very well built turbo 400 with a custom billet torque converter that pumps fluid through a large remote mounted cooler (under the cab) with a solo fan mounted on it, a G enie shifter that appears as if an OEM granny shifter, a custom sound system all enclosed within an overhead console as such the dash retains the OEM radio delete panel, a custom gauge cluster with all AutoMeter gauges, all new glass was installed including seals and felts were installed during which time the side glass was cut from tinted materials, a custom all steel hood, new interior, and then during the course of reassembling her all new gaskets, door seals, and body mounts were installed. As for power she relies upon her stout small block power plant with 10-1 flat tops ( this is more compression then many would use however we wanted a lot of bottom end torque) considering that on top of it sits a fresh 671 supercharger that is fed by 2 custom Speed Demon carburetors. She breathes through a set of thermal coated stainless steel long tube headers and a pair of Flow Master mufflers. Then in order to keep her running at peak all the time we use MSD 's electronics throughout including a boost advance/retard system that is controlled within the cab. And then lastly we keep her cool by using a large aluminum cross flow radiator drawing air through it with a Vintage Air Monster fan which is phenomenal; the motor looks large enough to be off a washing machine.

At the present time (when time permits which is rare) we are buttoning up her exterior pieces all of which were removed when she was repainted. There as a sad incident during which the rather unique Halibrand independent quick-change rear end failed during which time it caused some minor but still significant cosmetic damage to her. After much consideration we elected to work with the team at Kugel Components and create a new masterpiece rear-end for her. The new rear-end remain s an independent quick-change however it was designed to better take the punishment that this gals 671 supercharged heart is able to toss at it.

This time we went with a Winter's quick-change and decided that it was to create "Bad Boy" over tones whereas the original Halibrand unit was all polished and chrome as such th is Winter's center section remained a natural cast aluminum finish, the control arms and half shafts have been powder coated to a semi gloss finish, the 4 Aldan coil-over shocks are a machined aluminum finish with black springs, and the Wilwood caliper s are black clamping to a pair of slotted and cross drill rotors which have been secured with stainless steel hardware and then safety wired in place. The outer carriers/uprights are CNC machined billet aluminum pieces that were treated to a satin/brushed finish that matches the remaining hardware that was also meticulously treated to a satin/ brushed finish.

We hope that over the winter we will be able to allocate the time needed to complete the work so that she can be exercised in the spring; only time will tell regardless she looks stunning and appears happy knowing that the process is slowly moving forward.



Phase One

Phase Two

Phase Three
Now that we have mechanically integrated the new custom independent quick change rear suspension we are now tending to the detail items as associated with this project as we get her closer to being exercised again.



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