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BackPermanent Waves: Phase Eleven

Phase Eleven

We are now in the final phase of this project with everything that remains requiring extreme attention to detail. Initially we will wash, clay bar, and wax her and the Evan will perform his artisan skills as he methodically wraps her high risk painted surfaces with Venture Shield.

Here she is being given a thorough bath and then all of her surfaces are being clay barred followed by a multi step waxing. We used all Zaino products throughout this process.

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Here we are installing a fresh set of OEM polished stainless steel door sill inserts as those in place when she arrived were as typical scuffed. During the process of wrapping her high risk painted surfaces with Venture Shield we will also be cover the new OEM polished stainless steel inserts thus insuring that that cannot be scuffed again.

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Now we are going to begin the very tedious and methodical process of protecting her high risk painted surfaces with Venture Shield. We have created a custom application process during which we wrap nearly all of the edges so that once completed the application is near invisible and by doing this it also eliminates dust collection lines. During this process we will completely wrap her nose including 100% of her front fenders, her bonnet, her headlights, her lower driving light lens, the face of her mirrors, her roof section, 100% of the lower rockers including within the door sill areas, the leading edge of the side scoops, the panel in front of her rear wheels, behind her rear wheels, and then we cover the OEM polished stainless steel door sill inserts. Over the years we have created our own material patterns and using the proper application technique, the proper application solutions, and warm high pressure steam we are able to form the Venture Shield without stretch marks as evidenced when most install similar products. Our goal is to have the Venture Shield product provide extreme protection without most folks ever realizing that it has been applied. For us these processes take several days as we came to learn long ago that it is better to remain results oriented when compared to time constrained. For us the Venture Shield application process will typically take 2 days and then we allow a 3<sup>rd</sup> day for it to cure and relax before we do a final inspection during which we tend to and or replace anything that we are not happy with. By comparison we know very well that throughout the industry that most folks will apply the same and or similar products in less than a day leaving behind results that in our opinion are typically less than stellar and based on comments from many folks the primary reason that many have elected not to have such a product applied.
Here are some of the many steps completed during the Venture Shield application process.

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Now that the gal is truly "Ready to Roll" one final and yet thorough inspection will be completed before she is reunited with her owner.
The day is here and they are together again; her owner flew in and took her out and exercised her for a few hours as they got to know each other again in preparation for their long wonderful trip home. Upon their return to Area-51 her owner was not able to define a singular change that he enjoyed most; this regarding the results of her transformation. Was it her looks, the Whipple supercharger, the ever so sweet mellow and yet aggressive sound of her custom exhaust, her Penske suspension, her Ford Racing short shifter; after a few minutes he made clear that she is simply wonderful. When asked how he enjoyed her custom stereo system he smiles and said "I never turned it on as I was enjoying listening to her new voice" this as was created by her custom exhaust.

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After they spent a few wonderful hours together she was tucked back inside our facility and we then detailed her to the 9's again while her owner got some much needed rest in preparation for their long journey home.

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