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BackPermanent Waves: Phase Eight

Phase Eight

Here the brakes are being bleed and the clutch system flushed using one of the best fluids on the market today; Castrol SRF.

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Here are dry fitting the custom shifter bezel/boot and installing the custom e-brake cover; both of these wonderful items were created by Andrew aka ExotiCare.

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Here we are completing the final phase of the Borla exhaust. We are creating a custom tip section that compliments her new bumper-less arse resulting a very aggressive look.

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Here we are installing a new OEM battery ground cable as she arrived with the red one as shown in the picture; it was far too long and also lacked the required sheathing that insures that it would not became chaffed over time.

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Here she is ready for her clamshell to be installed as she is very close to being exercised again albeit as a completely different gal with her having been massaged from stem to stern.

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