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BackYellow Fever: Phase One

Phase One

Here we are methodically removing the old clear bra as we make her ready to wrapped the only way we know how. You can see that the material removed was truly very dingy as such much of her luster was being masked.

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Here her surfaces are being cleaned during which time we clay bra her so as to insure that there is no debris trapped between the painted surface and the clear bra.

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Here the painstakingly slow process of wrapping her is being completed, her nose, bonnet, and fenders are completely wrapped and each of these panels being wrapped with a single piece of plastic and then the edges rolled over so that it does not appear there is any plastic on her; no seams. This practice is used whenever possible on every panel that we protect.

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Here is her original bonnet badge as well as a new one. Sadly after removing the original badge we were preparing it to be reinstalled and the very small locating pin broke off as such a new one had to be brought in. For many the idea of reusing the original slightly damaged badge would have been acceptable however for us we do not create patchwork quilts as such it is either right or wrong as such a new bonnet badge was immediately brought in for this gal.

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Now that we have completed the installation of the new clear bra we will let her sit for a day and likely place her in the sun for a few hours before we do our final inspection so as to insure that there is nothing that we missed or are unhappy with. Even during the original installation we were not happy with the bonnet once we wrapped it as such we removed the clear and did it a second time. Once we are happy then we will install the bonnet badge and give her a bit of a detailing as we make her ready to travel home. During this time we hooked up the Factory Lamborghini computer to test her systems and to make certain that under her surface she is truly happy; the results were as desired. No issues found as such she is soon to be ready to be exercised again.
Here we have the Factory Lamborghini computer being used as a component of her physical.

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As with all projects the day has finally arrived for her to be reunited with her family. There is no doubt that her family is anxious to have her home as well she is definitely anxious to be exercised. With her folks presently in route to pick her up we have one last opportunity to look her over and make certain that she is looking her best. Because of the process that we use to install the clear bra one will be hard pressed to see the plastic on her; this holds true for our inability to see it as well.
Here she is in all her glory ready to head home .

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