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BackInferno: Phase One

Phase One

Here we are integrating a few Nutsets in her rear fascia so as to properly secure a license plate; sadly as she was received from Italy Lamborghini encourage the use of 4 very course self tapping screws that even though not seen once the license is installed would do little more than damage the underlying surface however with the Nutserts in place typical bolts can be used with no concern for secondary damage over time.

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Here the extremely methodical process of protecting all of her at risk painted surfaces with a clear plastic material is underway. We completely wrap her nose, her bonnet, her rockers and side air inlets, her roof, her complete front fenders, her entire bonnet, her mirrors, the area behind her rear wheels, as well as the carbon fiber door sill plate s so as to preserve her condition as new. The manner in which we wrap the gals includes us wrapping the material over all edges leaving no exposed edges and we create as few seams as possible so that in the end to most she will appear as if there is nothing on her surfaces.

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Here she has been successfully tended to and is finally "ready to roll" aka be exercised.

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