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Maltese Falcon

Maltese Falcon

This gal affectionately referred to as "The Maltese Falcon" comes to us from far away. Now we were told that her name comes as the result of how her parents feel about Humphrey Bogart, a reason that we accept without question however in as much as the Falcon is very adept at traveling great distances so as to have their personal needs fulfilled this gal "The Maltese Falcon" has done the same thing by traveling great distances to Area 51 so as to have her personal needs fulfilled as such could faith have played a part when she was named thus setting the stages for this trip to happen?

Regardless; it was after many conversations taking place over the course of several months that the decision was finally made for her to visit us. During her visit with us numerous personal touch items will be tended to and she will also receive a complete stem to stern physical making certain that she is both in the best of heath and ready to be exercised safely and enjoyed while in Texas at the upcoming Ford GT Rally.

During her visit with us we are going to integrate one of the huge Whipple supercharger's and detail her exposed at risk painted surfaces after which we will methodically apply plastic film to all of her high risk painted surfaces so as to protect her from future damage. Then add to this we have numerous other personal touch items in the "Q" for her that we will share as we methodically migrate through the project.



Phase One
We will now be placing her on fixtures as she will lacking shoes and brakes for a few weeks during which time both her shoes and her brakes are having a color change.

Phase Two
Now we will be integrating an OEM appearing custom V-1 harness as well as an iPod interface.

Phase Three
After over a year of being enjoyed and exercised in many parts of the country this gal returns to us to have a significant personal touch item integrated; D/A's custom traction control system. This is a traction control system that allows the operator to adjust the system in real time meaning while driving and also has a couple wonderful performance enhancing features. There is full throttle shifting and launch control both of which are on demand and completely adjustable by the operator.

Phase Four

Phase Five
Now we are in the final stages with this project with us tending to details as well as the final personal touch items.



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