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Not Your Father's CSL

Not Your Father's CSL

The Hayes Boys build a normally aspirated monster in AREA 51.



Phase One
Here the gal has arrived in all her glory. There is little doubt that she is a kept lady and yet you can sense that she likes to play; and play hard from time to time. She is a perfect example of a gal that can wear elegance and bar fly at the same time leaving all but the knowing unsure as to whether to temp/test her.



NEXXUS gauges operating in demo mode
Here is a cool little video showing the NEXXUS gauges operating in DEMO mode. With the use of the remote control a choice of 7 different back light colors can be selected, peak values seen, minimum values; meaning extreme warning points for each of the sensors can be establish as well as a laundry list of other rather cool features including when the gal is turn off the face of the gauges simply fade to black.

Here is the initial firing of the gal; raw and visceral as this is being completed with no exhaust for very verification that she remained happy during her surgery.

Here she is running through the ceramic coated SuperSprint Stepped headers only. The remainder of the exhaust will be installed as part of the next phase. Even at this point she is very happy and seems anxious to go play.

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